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One Dekalb Construction Progressing

The structural framing is complete, and façade panels are being installed at One DeKalb Avenue in White Plains. The six-story, 77-unit apartment building features a terracotta rainscreen façade manufactured by Terreal North America.

A terracotta rainscreen consists of an outer panel, a ventilated cavity and an inner skin. A rainscreen system allows for pressure equalization in driving rain conditions. Through its open joints, pressure inside the cavity is instantaneously balanced with pressure on the outside, creating a pressure neutral environment for drainage. A majority of the water is deflected off the outside face of the rainscreen and any penetrating water is free to move down the inner skin and away from the building.

One DeKalb Avenue was designed with three different shades of terracotta panels interrupted by bands of silver composite aluminum to create an animated design at a major intersection in downtown White Plains.

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